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Knowledge Management

In 2000, the UK MOD put in place policy to formally certify its shipping (ships, submarines and boats) through the creation of the Naval Authority. With the vesting of the first Naval Authority Areas in 2001 it became clear to the MOD that they needed help in managing the data generated by their certification activities and, this requirement was competed as the Naval Authority Knowledge Management Office (NAKMO) contract. BMT Asset Performance Ltd won this contract in 2003 and has been delivering it ever since.

At the heart of the NAKMO, is a web-based information system called the Naval Authority System (NAS) which provides a one-stop-shop “single point of truth” for the certification status of over 3,000 UK Royal Navy vessels (across 19 certificate types) and over 9,400 original scanned certification-related documents that provide both current and historical information. The NAS has over 450 registered users including the Naval Authority officers, Platform Duty Holders, Navy Command, Ships' Staff, industry and organisations authorised to undertake Naval Authority duties. As well as hosting certificates and supporting documentation, the NAS alerts users as to when certificates and conditions of certification are to expire. The NAS also provides an electronic library containing policy documentation, procedures and general reference information. It is the primary source for key documents such as Joint Service Publication 430 - Management of Ship Safety and Environmental Protection. An unclassified version of the library is available here

BMT Asset Performance Ltd is responsible for populating and managing the data on the NAS, and for providing information to various Naval Authority meetings, for which BMT Asset Performance Ltd acts as secretary. BMT Asset Performance Ltd staff also provide secretariat support to the MOD, in developing policy, processes and procedures.

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