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Naval Technical Publications

Management of Naval Technical Publications

During 2012-13 work started on the development of the General Naval Standard (GNStd) and the formation Naval Technical Publications Committee (NTPC). This work is on-going as the MoD unclassified Maritime Defence Standards migrate to the new format. Each re-issue of the GNSt’d being formally authorised by the NTPC before being published on the DStan Website

Naval Technical Publications are maritime engineering standards, procedures and/or guidance sponsored under the authority of Chief of Material (Fleet) that are not specific to a ship class, a ship or an item of equipment. Naval Technical Publications include the General Naval Specification, the General Naval Standard (Def Stan 02-900), other Naval Defence Standards and other Maritime Acquisition Publications.

What is the NSASS role?

NSASS provides support to both the NTPC and it’s Programme Board in the development of proposals for inclusion in the GNStd or within the supporting guidance document (MAP 00-900).

NSASS is the point of contact for your feedback regarding the coherency of the standards and for advice on how Naval Technical Publications applies to your project. For further details please Contact Us.