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Naval Ship Code

What is the Naval Ship Code?

The Naval Ship Code (ANEP-77) provides a framework for a naval surface ship safety management system based on and benchmarked against IMO conventions and resolutions.

The Naval Ship Code is developed and supported by a group consisting of navies and classification societies, the International Naval Safety Association (INSA). UK MoD is one of the founding members of INSA. The Naval Ship Code and further information regarding INSA is available from the INSA website:

The Naval Ship Code covers:

  • Structures
  • Buoyancy and Stability
  • Engineering Systems
  • Fire Safety
  • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue
  • Radio-communications
  • Safety of Navigation
  • Dangerous Goods

What is the NSASS role?

NSASS is the point of contact to obtain updates and provide feedback on the developments and application of the Naval Ship Code.

NSASS supports UK MoD development of and feedback on Naval Ship Code chapters for submission to INSA for consideration. The proposals for changes to the code generated by other members of INSA are reviewed by NSASS for coherency with the framework.

NSASS is the point of contact for queries on changes to the scope of the Naval Ship Code and how it fits in with other standards. For further information on Naval Ship Code developments, advice on how to apply it to your project, or to provide feedback, please Contact Us.