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Lloyd's Register's Naval Ship Rules

What are Lloyd’s Register’s Naval Ship Rules?

The Naval Ship Rules set standards for the design, construction and maintenance of naval ships. Developed from Lloyd’s Register’s Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, the Naval Ship Rules have specific requirements to cover the unique aspects of naval ship design and operation, such as flight deck loading, systems for replenishment at sea and the need to defer to the naval administration for regulatory requirements rather than be subject to civil regulation such as IMO SOLAS.

The Naval Ship Rules cover:

  • hull construction
  • machinery systems for propulsion and other essential services
  • piping systems for ship and machinery
  • steam raising plant and pressure vessels
  • electrical power generation and distribution systems
  • control, automation, alarm and safety systems

What is the NSASS role?

The Naval Ship Rules are updated annually to reflect changes in technology or following feedback from new build projects and in service ships. NSASS is the point of contact for you to provide feedback on the rules and contribute towards developing proposals for rule updates. To facilitate this process Hull and Machinery seminars are held 6 monthly with the UK naval industry.

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