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General Naval Specification (GNS)

What is the General Naval Specification?

The GNS is a set of template statements which assist in the generation of ship requirements, specifications and acceptance documentation. It provides a comprehensive overview and incorporates lessons learned to help project teams avoid costly and repetitive mistakes. The GNS, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, is divided into sections as detailed in the GNS Section Breakdown Document.

GNS Part 1 & 2 can be used by project teams together with their customers to develop the ship-specific system requirements documents. When used as a starting point for a validation check of your systems engineering approach, it provides a set of template statements which can be selected (added to or discarded as appropriate) and tailored to the situation. A supporting statement of the rationale for each requirement is also included thus providing the project with the necessary traceability. A sample (cut down) version is available in the GNS Part 1 & GNS Part 2 (Sample Documents).

GNS Part 3 is the first stage in developing the ship specification. It covers key design assumptions, overall architectural requirements, acceptance methods and design references for each system. This part helps project teams develop and record high level ship systems information and will allow initial engagement with potential suppliers. A sample (cut down) version is available in the GNS Part 3 (Sample Document).

What is the NSASS role?

The General Naval Specification is being updated as part of an ongoing programme of work, increasing in maturity as it is applied to both new and in-service project teams. During the early part of 2009 alignment between the GNS and the Maritime Platform Characteristic (DEC sponsored set of generic requirements) documentation was undertaken. The results of this work is hosted in DOORS ® the requirements management tool. For those who do not have access to DOORS or who prefer not to use DOORS, export facilities will allow the specification template to be presented in either Microsoft Word or Excel format.

For further information on GNS developments, advice on how to apply it to your project, or to provide feedback, please Contact Us.