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Framework Details

The Naval Ship Assurance Framework may be represented as a bookshelf from which the project team selects the applicable guides, regulations and standards.

This bookshelf is categorised as follows:

  • Guidance – Framework Guide, General Naval Specification & Maritime Platform Characteristics and Ship Type Design Guides;
  • Regulatory Regime - IMO Resolutions, UK Legislation, Port State Control, Naval Ship Code and UK Naval Authority Regulation;
  • Class Rules & Regulations - Merchant Class Rules, Special Service Class Rules and Naval Ship Rules;
  • Standards; British and International Standards, UK and International Naval Standards.

Details of the Naval Ship Assurance Framework is provided in Maritime Acquisition Publication 00-001 "Naval Technical Publications" this provides details on the contents and how to apply the framework. This document is available in the Library.

Further supporting information on the detail and development of the framework is also available in the Library.

For further details about the framework, advice on how to apply it to your project, or to provide feedback, please Contact Us.