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What is Naval Ship Assurance?

Naval Ship Assurance is the selection of a coherent set of requirements and standards and the method of verification of compliance against these, for the design and through-life management of Naval Ships.

What is the Framework?

The Naval Ship Assurance Framework defines a structure for the selection and application of requirements, standards and verification processes for the Assurance of Naval Ships. The Naval Ship Assurance Framework has been created to assist project teams in more efficiently producing ship specifications and providing an assured product.

What is the NSASS role?

NSASS has developed the Naval Ship Assurance Framework to help make it coherent, comprehensive and clear. We are continuously monitoring its use and working to make it accessible to regulatory bodies, project teams and industry, as well as providing guidance for navigating it effectively.

This work involves:

For further details about the framework, please see the Naval Ship Assurance Framework, for advice on how to apply it to your project, or to provide feedback, please Contact Us .